The Prevailing Elements Of Divorces For Married Parents

In the US, attorneys help married parents separate their marital assets, establish spousal support as needed, and create a suitable child custody arrangement. Certain circumstances lead to alternative measures and stricter assignments. A local attorney explains the current Divorce laws that apply to marriages involving children.

Establishing a Child Custody Arrangement

Married parents establish a child custody arrangement in the divorce agreement. When possible, the parents choose joint custody and split time with the child. If the couple cannot reach an agreement, a child custody hearing is scheduled after the divorce trial. Attorneys help parents review their options for Divorce and Child Custody.

Planning Parenting Time for Holidays and Vacation

Parenting time is a breakdown of when the child stays with each parent during standard visitation, holidays, and vacation. Some parenting plans remain the exact same throughout the years. However, some parents want flexibility and more time with the child on special occasions. The flexible plans offer a rotation for visitation during certain holidays and summer vacations.

Managing a Risk to the Child

In divorce cases, a risk to the child becomes a major gamechanger. Common risks are an addiction, abuse, and criminal activities. The circumstances allow for Emergency Guardianship if either parent is a risk to the child. Either party has the right to seek an emergency custody assignment if the child is endangered. The courts provide temporary child custody pending a new hearing.

Children Who are Victims of Domestic Violence

Children who are victims of domestic violence receive protection through the law. Child protective services remove the child from the home under certain circumstances. If a parent has abused them, the agency informs the opposing parent of the abuse and requires an alternative living environment. If the parents are separated, the non-aggressor gets custody of the child, and a protection order prevents contact between the abusive parent and the child.

Child Support and Additional Financial Requirements

Child support is calculated according to the standard for each state. The payments are calculated to reflect the necessary financial support required for all children produced during the marriage. Any additional financial requirements for each child is considered by the judge when setting up the child support order.

In the US, divorces involving children are more complex than other cases and require further guidelines and measures. The parents need an agreement that is fair and reasonable and gives them equal time with the child. However, dangerous conditions prevent visitation in some cases and might lead to termination of parental rights. Parents who need legal advice about Child custody contact an attorney right now.


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